Your First Tablet (awww) pg1
You are TheBoyd. You've planned for a long time to make an adventure where you ask the MSPAFA community to give you ideas for stuff.
You wanted to start this adventure after getting a tablet, and kill two pigs with one stone by using it for tablet practice.
The main thing you wanted to accomplish was getting ideas for a webseries.4237493_d024549973_l.gif
Your friend, Site, wanted to start work on one a few months ago, and neither of you have made much progress on this project.
The general idea was to have a few characters, with some sort of mental problem.
Each character would be acted by each of out friends.
Her character would have a split personality. One being 'normal' one being really skanky, and another who thought she was a vampire.

You didn't want anything too extreme, out of fear of not being able to deliver on something to serious. So you chose a depressed character. This mostly just manifests as apathy.

You look over what you've written, and feel you've rambled too much, and that this will dissuade too many people form reading.
You're more looking at this as a suggestion, but will do whatever if the community doesn't care about the webseries. It's kind of a weak idea anyway.
You sigh, and just hit submit.

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