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Fruit juggling?

You draw a banana juggling some balls.

start an adventure with pokemon, have it actually go somewhere instead of the usual meandering around for a bit then dieing.
Hot Skitty on Wailord action.
You love Pokemon, right?

You've never really been that into pokemon. The pairing sounds fun, but your heart wouldn't be in it.

Draw a picture of a TRAIN.
For the train god!


Draw a picture of a BRAIN.
For the brain god!
yes that is a good idea

You draw an evil floating brain.

Draw a picture of a RAIN.
For the rain god!
yes that is a environmentally sound idea
I agree.

You draw a single rain, referred to as a raindrop in some countries, which falls to its death.


You now have no idea what is going on.

Draw a picture of a PAIN.
For the pain god!
yes that is a fatally sound idea
The pain god needs sacrifices.

You draw a picture of something bleeding and a reflection in the pool of blood.

Draw a picture of a TORNADO


Actually wait draw crazy awesome hairstyles.

You draw some hairstyle that might be good concept art for some new characters.

Draw a picture of yourself in a dress. Claim it is a picture of a friend.

You draw yourself in your halloween costume from this past year. As in you draw how your friend looked.

Go to PhotoShop/GIMP/OtherTabletFriendlyProgram and take a brush.
Put the brush visibility to 75%.
Start drawing and remember to use ALOT OF LINES when drawing.
That is all

PS: >If you are used to draw small things on paper make the document you are drawing on smaller makes your work easier and there wont be so much non used space.

You make one last picture with these directions.
You're quite sure this adventure got off wrong.
On one hand you want to avoid walls of text.
On the other hand it doesn't make any sense at the moment.
You sigh.

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