Your First Tablet (awww) pg 4

Draw a picture of a girl. Color her hair light blue. and give her a smile too.
Now draw another picture, this time it will establish where this girl is: on the roof of a skyscraper. There are bridges to other skyscrapers, and on the ground (of the roof), there is a glowing box.
Write: "You are a girl on the roof of a building. You aren't too sure of how you got up hereā€¦

You draw up a portrait view of a random unnamed character. You're not too sure how much you like the design, or how much she looks like a girl.4248133_5faae91705_l.gif
You draw the zoomed out scene and your drawing program close. You recreate the scene quickly.
You think it might've actually came out better than the original, but you suppose it's debatable.

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